To become a hero or not?

I read the white paper several times and I think I get it now…
I’m thinking about investing in building a validator server but I can’t figure out if that is going to get me some advantage when the real CYB is going to be distributed. It’s probabely me but I can’t make heads or tails from it how the distribution works. But if i’m going to invest I need some information on what my potential return could be.
The latest Anchor protocol release made it clear te me that I need to participate in the pre genesis periode…
So to cut it short: where can I find some intel about the status of the project? Why should I become a hero? Looking at history hero’s are mostly rewarded with death and hardly with wealth…

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Hi there!
Sorry for so late response!
We have several disciplines for validators:
Delegation and Lifetime. Both of disciplines rewards - 500 GCyb.
Delegation - total amount of staking EULS will be split between all validators depending on their stack on validator.
Lifetime - reward depends on pre-commited blocks in network.
As for now these disciplines will be closed soon and only Lifetime will be prolonged. Reward 50GCyb per month for all validators, that will be split depends on pre-commits.
Cybs will be available in mainnet . Soon we will run the last canary net, so this reward can be claimed later, when project will be released.
You can read an information how to launch a validator here :
Also, please, join our telegram group for more information:
Let me know if you have other questions.