The vision of Cyb

Original idea of Cyb is about a helpful robot. Cyb is your unique personal friend which you can trust essentials of digital yours. I do not like an idea that Cyb will be just another browser.

While this idea is in its infancy the community can give as much input as possible so we can evolve it better while developing the piece of software for better surfing experience in the Great Web.

We have a Github for discussing technicalities. In this thread I would love to discuss more ideas as well as emotional part of the software. What would you expect from the guy inside your hardware who has the power to manage your computing resources and make transactions on your behalf?


I would like to discuss the last sentence. And its possible implementations. Even if just theoretically.

I think it would be awesome to think of implementations of neuro-tunnels between a human and the robot inside cyb that represents the owner of a pr. key and how such tunnels might look for the robot to decide for a tx on behalf of the key owner.

Will it be an ML algorithm that will be studying an objects’ actions / or will it be a piece of hardware that an object can connect via to the robot?

Or maybe it will be a mixture or even look completely different? Maybe via a smartphone? Can the robot gain access, lets say to my smartphone data (in theory) - study what I do / what I prefer / where I go / what I buy / order / whom I talk to, so it can decide for me that its ready to make a tx (before I realize I need to make it).

Other than this. On a more down to earth side of things. I would expect the following:

  • For the robot not to be annoying
  • To be able to switch them on / off (sleep mode?)
  • Allow them to help me (show cool features / tell me about cool articles to read/show me top categories ((sorted be rank for example)) / etc )
  • Gaming and battles with other robots!!!
  • VR implementations - I want to meet my robot in person!

I guess that’s just some ideas that spring to mind


I think that robots should be able to complete tasks. Robots should also be useful. It will be good if users can create their own robot and have many robots. The more the user has a bandwidth, the more robots he can create and use them for more tasks.


I think that robots should be able to complete tasks.

Agree. That is the original idea which can be narrowed down to simple in-browzer Task API

It will be good if users can create their own robot and have many robots

Yep. Extensions to existing derivation path strategy can be used so one special segment can be used for robots derived from the agent’s mnemonic. Such that:

m / purpose' / coin_type' / account' / change / address_index

can become something like

m / purpose' / account' / index' / chain' / robot' 

Rationale is the following

  • account => chain structure is more agent-friendly
  • change is currently not being used is it essentially does not help with privacy but complicates usability

Robots should be profitable and should be able to self-select tasks for profits maximization.

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DURA discussions belong to this topic right? Do you consider DURA to work with ipfs only, or with other distributed hosting solutions like SWARM also?


Yes, thats right. I believe this is part of the vision

It look like the DURA itself is protocol agnostic. The other thing is implementation. I personally do not look into other protocols support currently except IPFS, because I would love to make it work really good with at least one protocol. Once we achieve this goal - adding support of different content addressing protocols such as DAT, Swarm, MaidSafe or whatever will not be so hard

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