Our psyche is communication protocols and installed programs

Our whole life goes through connections with other people.

With the exception of hermits, who spend part of their lives in connection with themselves. Maximum selfishness!
Of course, they believe that they spend all their time in connection with God, but if there is a god, he is unlikely to want to keep in touch with someone who is not able to live in a society where everyone has connections between themselves. Not a single hermit was born from another hermit. All of them are product of the network of interactions.

All connections between people have one nature - by analogy with computers, we have the same hardware. We have the same coolers. Same hard drives. The same RAM. The same power supply system.
Well, almost the same. Someone has a newer model, someone older. Different companies, but the technology is the same.

In the womb, our Hardwear is created, and the BIOS is established.

After birth, we are installing the Operating System - this is the growth of our nervous system. An increase in brain volume. Creating neural connections.

In parallel, communication protocols are installed (some of the protocols are already in the OS, but not all) - we learn about social interaction protocols (whose signals are more priority, and which installed programs they run: important, not important).

We learn about money - the economic protocol of interaction. Those who do not use cryptocurrencies simply have not yet established a protocol for cryptoeconomic interaction. OS supports this protocol. Exchange programs are registered. There is simply no protocol for cryptoeconomic interaction!
I come to you with the Mongolian tugriks, and you tell me: “Sorry, man, we don’t understand this economic protocol. It doesn’t run software with us!”

When we say that we like or dislike something, it is similar to the fact that we have this protocol installed, but we do not support it, because of our software settings.

What to do with this view?

It is obvious from it that children need to install open source software! That is, the more developers invest in the development of open source, the better results.

We need to write open source programs for ourselves. If we close our programs, of course no one will change anything in them, but our software will develop more slowly.

We need to understand that our psyche (what we want, what we don’t want, what we like, what we don’t like) is just a program that we can rewrite and reinstall.

Meditation and psychedelics are hard disk diffragmentation. This is the root access to your OS to change preinstalled programs on your OS.
Yoga is like cleaning a cooler and scrubbing dirt from bolts.
An operation is like sitting with a soldering iron over the motherboard.

These are not all fundamental conclusions, then I will write more.
But this vision alone enhances my functionality compared to the vision of the industrial paradigm, where I am in the grip of economic and social forces, which I am not able to control, but have to go with the flow.

Here you can find begining of this idea: