Improvement ideas thread

I have a few ideas that I would like to discuss with you:slightly_smiling_face:

~Link onion-sites.
I think that this will help erase borders on the Internet.

~Add cyberlinks as pictures on the forum (if possible).

I like the ideas of unique NFT-
tokens for validators, digital arts, ingame assets.

This is a place where users can create their rooms, watch them interesting videos or streams and chat.

~Give the opportunity to subscribe to a specific keywords and users.
When someone upload new cyberlinks with specific keywords, the user will receive them.
Also give the opportunity to subscribe to a specific user (if he agrees to this).

I think this search engine will be used by people who speak different languages. Therefore, there should be a lot of content in different languages.
It would be cool to create a knowledge graph based translator. I think this should be a simple, a distributed and relevant translator.

~Custom cursor for

~Improvment ideas for CyberDbot

  • Link history
  • Several keywords when link
  • Send cyber links to other friendly bot users
  • Ability to send your links to a large number of people
  • Ability to create cyberlinks
  • Delegation
  • More interactive text in message with cyberlinks
  • Mini games for CYB/EULs rewards
  • Linking posts feature (individual links or this feature for telegram groups bots )
  • Cyber FAQ in the bot
  • Educational quiz as faucet
  • List with all resources about Cyber for subscriptions, likes, retweets, shares,
  • Wikipedia IPFS-bot
  • Bot Triad. Integrate CyberD bot to Discord and Twitter. Link Twitter posts and linking with Discord

Sounds good. However, I believe that it would be good to share the ideas for cyberdbot with cyberdbot, otherwise they will probably stay unnoticed here =)

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