Improvement ideas thread

Hello, cyber devs and cyber community!
The Great Web and Cyber are at the beginning of their development and their capabilities have not been fully explored.
I would like to discuss new ideas and features with you.
I came up with a few ideas and I would like to share them .
Honestly, I’m not sure how possible it is to implement some of them. If this is not a good or impossible idea, please correct me.

~ Cyber extension and :

  • QR codes for IPFS hashes;
  • Uploading pictures from web2 sites to The Great Web an Cyber Knowledge Graph with few clicks;
  • Browsing history;
  • Favorites and Bookmarks (LinkBook/LinkBox or etc.).

~ Dashboards and tools:

  • Dashoboard for monitoring new cyberlinks;
  • Autopin ipfs hashes after linking;
  • Tools for finding sites that can download and store your link. Voluntarily or for
    rewards. Can validators reward delegators or other users for storing files?;
  • Autodelegation scripts for validators;
  • Сustom aggregator for news and blog posts;
  • Сurrent blockchain snapshot cyberlink in cyberd explorer;
  • CyberLink Messenger. Web3 level communication for sharing and sending cyberlinks;
  • FastUpload photos from mobile phone to IPFS and Knowledge Graph. Cyber
    mobile wallet;
  • Non-searchable cyberlinks for private files;
  • Bandwidth market (BandwidthDealer)
  • CYB as resource in cybergames or VR/AR worlds.

~ Freez and burning principles for additional token inflation/deflation:

  • Unlock funds after network milestones or individual achievements;
  • Use locked funds for bandwidth delegation or DeFi liquidity;
  • Burning features for advanced voting schemes;
  • Freez and burning smart-contracts for p2p exchanging or another use cases;
  • Frozen funds for the future Game of Links or another on-chain events. Allocate
    part of blocks reward for future Game of links or another on-chain events.

I would be interested to know your opinion about this. I would also like to know what new features you would like to see or discuss.


Awesome comments, thanks for these suggestions. It’s really great to see participation growing.

I’m going to address some of the ideas from the perspective of the ecosystem, so please don’t take my words for granted.

I love the QR code idea, it’s simple and logical, but, of course, only with some sort of a mobile app. Some of the things you mention are already in development in one way or the other. For example, dashboards, autodelegation scripts, etc.

A bandwidth market would be a dream come true, of course. Awesome idea, we discussed it numerous times within the team too. And as for DeFi, I know we have some plans to make use of the Uniswap contract.

I also like the idea of user achievements. And we are all up for gamification too. You probably already noticed some usual slang changing. Like heroes and masters, rather than the boring validators and users, etc. There is a lot more planned in this direction, so do keep an eye on GitHub too. The new homestead doc I’m making will contain a subculture reference section, which I hope will grow and prosper with community governance and participation.

Just my 2 cybs =)


Would love to understand more about what exactly you would like to have on such dashboard?


It’s definitely not a way to go. There are several projects who are working in this direction: Filecoin, Sia, Maidsafe, Chia, Solana and looks like Rchain (correct me if i am wrong) have something close to the storage. I have a plan to support Filecoin first.


Its kinda not so trivial task as the network have to compute it, and do it fast. I believe it would be very neat feature, but don’t sure that we have to embed it into consensus as there some tradeoff. @litvintech do you have some opinion on that?


If i got it correctly, what you want we have this feature on the dot-cyber roadmap in Social search release. We are going to implement ability to follow different stuff and have a newsfeed on that. We already have backend for that, so its kinda the low hanging fruit for us


I understand the importance of mobile. Currently our strategy for going mobile is the following:

  • every new feature we do we think how to do it mobile-first
  • we have an epic in backlog. After some stabilisation of the app functionality we will clean mobile experience from browsers
  • only after that we will start to think how to ship android builds.

The thing could be possible after


I would love also this to be true :slight_smile: Just do not know how yet


To be honest its likely we will not have energy for this before genesis. But governance system is open and euler-6 will allow implement any policy by a community


I added 4 points to backlog based on your suggestions:


It is like a page on which all new cyber links and a description of them are displayed.

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Thanks for the answer. I think it’s important that several nodes store a cyberlink. If only one node stores a cyberlink, there is a high risk that it may be unavailable in the future. The one who uploaded the link is not punished if his link is not available. I think this is a big risk for the Knowledge Graph. How big is the risk of losing most of the Knowledge Graph?

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Do you want robots to deliver letters?
I think that in the future we will need a suitable messenger for communication and exchange of links. Perhaps you have some kind of messenger in your plans? Or will robots do all this?

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I think that it is important that the mobile wallet can work with IPFS. I don’t know this well, but I saw that work is underway on mobile nodes for IPSF.

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Awesome! Thank you!:sunglasses:
It is very good that developers listen to the opinion of the community.

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I’ve start standalone thread for this


I had some ideas for the future.
All of them are related to cold wallets.
I know that Cyber supports Ledger, but I think that in the future we can have more ways to work with cold wallets.
Here are a few options :

  • ColdStorage Mode for mobile wallet;
  • Tools for creating secure self-contained Live CD/USB cold wallet (for example;
  • Offline-mode wallets for old PC’s and old OS’s;
  • Paper wallet with cool design and new features (education and others);
  • Barcodes for cyber adresses (POS terminals and robots can use it).
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Another improvement ideas pack :robot:

~Telegram and another messengers integration:

  • Telegram bot for cyberlinks;
  • Tips and donations via Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, etc;
  • Sending CYB using message;
  • One-time wallets.

~ Custom search options.

For example, an indication of the number of cyberlinks that are displayed after a request, or ability to search for the most popular or new cyber cyberlinks.

~ Guide how to prepare your validator for minnet.

~ New community gamefication contests, eventes and features:

  • Puzzles with CYB rewards;
  • Cicacada 3301- like quests games for community or extra validators.
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All good and valid ideas. Thanks. Looks like some can be partially implemented via community pool

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