Gamefication of Cyber

Gamefication is important part of New Decentralized World!

The best in Cyber - that it’s not a commercial project!
It’s something like a “digital religion”:

  • We believe in Code
  • We think that AI and “digital creatures” have rights too
  • If bots can keep and use private keys, and make transactions in distributed web - they are also member of the Web.
  • We are the Forces of Decentralization!

To be a part of Cyber - it’s like a playing online game, but in reality.
All you do in the game - change the Reality!

(* Cosmos is also very cool, because of Game of Zones)

In Cyber we have Game of Links and “cyber~evangelism” !

We are the people who bring the Word of Cyber!
From one side - it’s like a funny joke, but from other side - that is what we really do!
We just want to make a process of Decentralization goes faster!

Now we need to create an online game, where you will play for character in a “digital decentralized world”, and together with other players solve tasks, get quests, look for mercenaries…
But every action in a game is a front end!
And back end is a Cyber.

For example: in a game you have found data-crystal and bring it to Master in cyber-Tower.
But in reality you have found web page with important data and dawnload it to IPFS.
And when you finish quest in game - you get game gold.
But in reality - you get cryptocurrency.


  • you will play game together with humans and digital creatures
  • you will do something good for Decentralization of the World
  • you will earn crypto, and never go to job again!

Begining of this idea you can find here:


I really embrace gamification especially how gamification can be done using power of the blockchain. It is possible to compute badges from action types provably on the fly. I foresee the following basic crafts:

  • Hero. Special class as only amount of heros is naturally limited by Tendermint consensus. There are a lot of validation metrics which can be used to build a career path to the Legend.
  • Creator. This class can be measured by those who contributed content first, hence proving that they are creators. Depending on the rank of the created content the path to Genius can be designed.
  • Evangelist. This class can be measured by two simple mechanics: amount of accounts introduced to the blockchain and referral attributes of the transaction in memo can be criteria on the path to Prophet
  • Merchant. Amount of CYB, turnover, tokens cap can be measured on the path to Whale

I like this concept!

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What is possible is to introduce a representation of the same for different categories.

Hero: sword
Master / Creator: book
Evangelist: start?
Merchant: gold

And then work on NFT badges based upon each collecting what is intended for them. I dont have the full idea here. But generally speaking, trying to go with the flow of having different categories of users, build up on resources, like in strategy games.

Here i would take on civ 1/2. I remember that as you progressed, you had this special room. where at first you would get a wooden chair and a a cheap carpet, then a throne and a crown, etc


I like NFT tokens idea. For example, Cyber can reward the genesis of validators with unique NFT tokens.

I also think that in the future it would be cool if there were CYB nft tokens could be used in different games.

I also like idea that users can play different games among themselves for CYB.


so, i already think about universe of this game.
This is will be “informational fantasy”:

But i will write about it later? after i translate Cyber~FAQ to russian language

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