Game of Links

I would love to announce the first community release of Game of Links rules
Looking for your feedback!

All misunderstand things, features and typos are welcome :slight_smile:


Yay! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Game of Links is amazing!:sunglasses:


It would be cool to have FAQ about the game of links.
It’s also more readable format to find particular information that can be already answered before in the rules of the game of links.

I’ll start by putting a few questions and thoughts here and maybe somebody will follow.

For example:


  1. Which types/themes of a content are the most important to link at first?

  2. How does an algorithm decide of relevancy of the content?
    2.1 Any info about the relevance/ranking system of the content that might be helpful. Or does it have to be “blackbox” for the game to prevent abuse? There is some info in the Whitepaper, but what if we try to make it more simple for the average user.

  3. How to choose “key words”?
    3.1. How many “key words” is optimal for the link on average?
    3.2. How do the “key words” effect relevance of the content?
    3.3. In the cyb-browser-extension it says"Keywords: (separate by comma)".
    Does it mean that we don’t need spaces between the comma and next “key word”? For example (keyword1,keyword2,keyword3) or (keyword1, keyword2, keyword3). Which one is correct?

  4. How to link the content if it contains two or more pages/files? If the user used IPFS before he can find a way, but if the user do this with google chrome extension. How to make this easier?

  5. Basic guide/tutorial how to handle with IPFS for the first time.There is full documentation to IPFS but that can be too complex for the non-technical users. May be we can make even more simple guides/tutorials to simplify the process for an average Joe.
    5.1. It’s important to have a clue how ipfs is actually working for user to prevent some mistakes. Some simple stuff:
    -Why IPFS is cool.
    -How to quickly run ipfs node.
    -How to check that the CID(content) is stored in ipfs and can be available.
    -How the data is structured
    5.2. May be we can use simple services like pinata for storing the content. To be sure that CID(content) is available.

  6. Is there the place where we can see all the CIDs(links to the content) that we put from the same account with simple UI?
    6.1. Is there any kind of ladder or scoring system or anything like that? Any reasonable gamification is good for the KPI of the processes.

  7. Where can we see how many links we can add during 24 hours considering the current number of tokens in the account? In other words, to measure bandwidth in real time.

  8. Assuming we using the simplest toolkit for linkng(cyb-browser-extension). What kind of most common tech errors can occur during the process?


  1. How to run a validator’s node quick and without pain?
    The main guide is here:
    But if somebody makes a video tutorial and explain the whole process with details. It much more valuable for non-technical people, because some obvious things for you might be not that obvious for them.

  2. Common errors/bugs.

Creation cool things as a Developer

  1. Why is it so important in the first place? Religion comes first.
  2. What kind of cool things are the most important to develop first? Is there any kind of list of it?
  3. Basic tutorials to start.

Community pool & Marketing

  1. How will it be measured?
    Marketing KPIs for fairer distribution of the pool. Or we can make some sort of a DAO in the future to make proposals for that kind of activity.

  2. Which types of content are the most interesting for the project?

  3. Will the connection with professional content producers or media with big enough and relevant audience be rewarded?


Hey! Been away from the pc for a few days. Just seen this. Great insight. Most of those things are already answered.

Bu5t some still aren’t. There are currently 3 FAQs and a few tools that gather data, all separate, which is incorrect. My idea is to create a document along the lines of ethereum homestead doc, which is a 175 page long insight into ether.

But thta will take time, the ETH community took 2 years to do this =)

Let me try and go over some of the questions above straight away in the hope that I at least clear some things up here:

(For now, I will still add all of them to the major FAQ with detailed answers, this is just to start)

  1. The answer is here:
    If you follow the issues, you will see what type of content we think has the most value, but that does not mean that you have to agree =)

  2. Spot on… The algo is NOT perfectly describable. Needs a lot more posts on that

  3. The general answer - do as you feel right. But yes, will need a detailed answer

  4. Another great question. The extension is not very safe right now. We do not recommend importing any private keys into it (ETH wallet for example).
    In any case, another great question. I guess we need user manuals, its just its a bit hard concentrating on them now, due to the high load of work. Will be more than happy for community help here.

  5. Awesome idea. Some very basic level answers are in different posts.

  6. Yes, there is an issue to gamify the process. Spot on that you saw that too. For now the only explorer is , not what you are after here. Agreed


  8. For now it’s just not the safest piece of soft in the world. Hence we try not to market it to much. Any mistakes can pop-up. We are working on it. We understand how important for onboarding it is.


  1. There is actually one =)
    Its still not been cut, but here:

  2. Well, most of those are on github issues
    Here we hope to rely on the community to find more


  1. I tried answering some here:
    May I ask why you refer to religion first (not a trick question. I want your opinion)
  2. Yep. In the WP
    Page 18. And:
  3. Yes! This will come too. Any help will be greatly appreciated

COMMUNITY (finally my realm, heh)

  1. I tried to gather a lot here, including measumerments and market fit:

About the DAO, we can’t possibly make it… It HAS to be made =)
According to the WP, the whole protocol is and WILL be run by a DAO, not us… We will carry on committing as a team to this for as long as the DAO allows us to. Right as we speak, we are working on an Aragon DAO, which will pretty much be the main entity in question.
if you see the big FAQ or the WP (both linked above already), they mention two tokens: CYB, the main protocol token and THC (the governance token). The whole idea of THC is to govern the protocol. The distribution games are the main idea to create the most widespread distribution that we can (including the 10% gifting to ETH/ATOM/URBIT, the idea of GOL/GOT and the auction.
The small round of donations will be in ATOMs and will go to cyber~Congress. As you can see the main round of donations is in ETH and goes to the DAO. NOT to cyber~Congress. Hence cyber~Congress is only one entity in a protocol that is meant to be DAO governed.
the answer here, is that it’s all in the making =)

  1. I will answer like this:

  2. Yes, definitely. In several POSSIBLE ways:

  • via the future DAO
  • via GOL (there is incentive for governance, we will have to wait to see how this will work, but generally yes)
  • via gitcoin from cyber~Congress, if we publish such issues there. A lot of what you talk can be found on the ecosystem folder linked above and congress repo issues
  • we are thinking of having a referal for the first donation round in atoms. Let’s discuss it

Generally great questions and a lot of work for me and for the team from what you put here together.

I will forward you to a bit more links for the time bieng:

  • Community and marketing issues:
  • The big FAQ:
  • The gift FAQ:
  • Community and ecosystem folder in general (would love your opinion here):
  • GOL launch FAQ and launck kit -
  • Some profiles:

I think I might have overloaded you with info. But let me take my hat off, as for now, IMO, thats some of the best feedback / questions I got so far. A big thank you for them and will be adding some to the FAQ. And slowly creating that doc I mention.

Will be happy to connect over TG or carry on here =)


I see that also answered here:


Boost yourself with fuel (EUL tokens) to save the galaxy from extinction!

on everything you need to know about GoL

I am working on the better explorer right inside There will be such option.

Agree. We are thinking about “karma” concept and grades for it.

My personal opinion is that the following content is kinda essential for bootstrap the network:

  • Arxiv whitepapers
  • Favorite audio and video content
  • Wikipedia
  • Github
  • Pornhub

Simple answer is that the biggest rewards for content producers is that nobody is going to cut their revenue.

Important update on the Game of Links in the blog

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