Euler-dev testnet

Topic related euler-dev. Questions, useful info, addresses - those and more could be found here.:love_you_gesture:


seed node - “07a6c8521ca8089977f294e7e0b22f954cf63a0f@”
some peers - ''d0a148810b8b0e6e5bd16ea3ede1e3a7851208b9@,4c7f14872ce0b7086ab14fc1d13db68589093cf6@,044394ffa57d0258bdf673b1e555a488d7a17ef5@"

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You may use your accounts from Euler-4 to setup the validator!

Also, here is the reward breakdown:

  • 100 TEUL allocated to Ethereum gift
  • 100 TEUL allocated to Cosmos gift
  • 270 TEUL allocated to Euler-4 validators