Discord group for CYBER. like a cool game!

Evangelists invite you to join cyber~Chat in Discord

Let’s play cool game!

Everybody can find place in CYBER!

After you join Discord group, at first, go to cyber~Tavern to get your role in CYBER.

Are you Member? Or Supporter? Maybe just Guest?

If you’re Hero, Master, Evangelist or Developer - just tell about it at cyber~Taverna. And very soon, everybody will know who you are!

  • For Heroes we have Hall of Fame
  • Masters can hide in cyber~Tower
  • cyber~Shrine give a shelter to Evangelists
  • Developers can make crazy experiments in cyber~Laboratory
  • while you do something important, your kids can play at cyber~Playground

It’s just a beginning!
CYBER blesses you!


Thanks. I’m already in this chat.

We will wait until the rest of fuckgooglers comes. #fuckgoogle


Joined the server too! yay