Decentralization vs. Crypto-Anarchism

The outrage of the anarchist: How did this decentralization prevent Crypto-Anarchism? Isn’t that the same thing?

Answer: In a new, distributed world - there is no place for centralization.
Everything will be distributed due to the fact that distributed structures are more efficient than centralized ones.
There are no centralized structures - there is no possibility for the existence of the state.
There is no state - it makes no sense to fight against it. The meaning in anarchism - disappears.
We have no reason to fight with the machine. Or we participate in a centralized structure, and support centralized structure by our participation, or we become participants in a distributed network, and with our participation we create a distributed structure.
And when you “mine your chain”, you don’t care what’s going on in other chains.
When participating in a distributed structure will be more profitable than being a member of a centralized structure, participants of centralized structures will flow into participants of distributed structures.
Anarchism is a consequence of the industrial paradigm.
No social difference — no social conflict. There can be no social conflict in a peer-to-peer network. So there is no anarchism.
Crypto-anarchy is like Christian communism. This is a mixture of different paradigms! It’s the same like think, that six-winged angel will carry rockets into space!
And based on this fact, it makes no more sense for us to talk about anarchism, or democracy, or some other forms of political interaction.
Bring the information paradigm closer with your actions. Join any distrebuted project!
And when it comes, new problems will come to us. And we will solve them again. And this process is Eternal! And this is great!
Now, we have nothing to lose, but our chains. Our lovely blockchains)

Question from a trade unionist: But what about the rights of workers?
Answer: If there are no workers, then there are no unions. All hard work will be done by robots.

Question from the Femenist: But what about the gender question?
Answer: In a world with Net Neutrality, it makes no difference what kind of gender node has. It can has any self-identification. No separation by gender - No questions.

A statement from the capitalist: But the invisible hand of the market will still govern society!
Answer: Economic activity will be carried out by robots under the control of the Neuro-network, which will be specially trained to make the most effective economic interactions. There will be no more economists. Robots will do economics better than humans. Get ready for a world with Robonomics.

Question from a human rights activist: But what about human rights?
Answer: Human rights are oppressed by centralized structures. There are no centralized structures - there is no one to violate human rights. It’s time for us to talk about the rights of robots. And if we are talking about the rights of robots - this means we have no problems with human rights.

The cry of the Anti-Militarist: But humanity was making war all the history!
Answer: Robots under control of AI make war more efficiently, than humans under control of humans. All armies will consist of robots. Robots will kill robots. Let’s go back to the rights of robots.

Question from eco-activist: what’s about our environment?
Answer: We will live in a world where data will be the main value. Material goods will lose their value, and the burden on the environment will drop dramatically. We will have to think about ecology not only for humans, but also for robots. Humans and Robots need a different environment, and we will have to live together.

Cry from the audience: But when it will be? Maybe i will die before it!
Answer: Especially for you, we have freezing technology. We will refreez you when we find a solution to this.
Or wait a bit, do not die before the invention of a cure for oldness. And then you will have unlimited time! All that we are talking about, you can see with your own eyes, or with your own eye implants. The picture quality is even better than with real eyes.

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