Prop 16: discussion and rewards

Description, tasks & rewards

UPD: 09/11/2020

What you will need to do and know before you start

  1. Rewards work per first come, first served basis, unless otherwise stated in the task
    Information about the results will be frequently updated on a public monitor

  2. You will need a wallet. How to create one?

  1. How to participate in the campaign?
  • Create a wallet
  • Read the tasks
  • Follow the conditions
  • Send a (free form) report to our Telegram channel along with the task you completed and you cyber address

General info

The proposal:

Allocate any number of EULs left from the OBEP program to the bounty

Time frame:
10/11/2020 - 01/12/2020
This is due to the fact that the Game of Links is coming to its end and we need to make calculations. Payments in EUL are due 1 day after the end

According to the Game of Links all comm pool tokens (EULs are canary tokens) will become CYB tokens on a 1 to 1 basis. This means you are getting 2 tokens. 1 at the end of the campaign and a mainet token after the launch of the mainet

EUL tokens are NOT traded on the open market, unless OTC

via a public monitor

Tasks and rewards:

  1. Star the following GitHub repos:
    go-cyber, dot-cyber, congress, cyber-foundation
    -Reward: 50,000 EUL tokens
    -Condition: Must star all 4 repos!

  2. Add yourself to TG group & follow Twitter:
    TG group,
    -Reward: 10,000 EUL
    -Condition: must be a member of both on payout day!

  3. Create a twit about cyber on Twitter:
    -Reward: 100,000 EUL
    -Condition: must tag on Twitter. Must contain OVER 200 characters + picture. MUST tag someone who has over 10k followers. One twit per 48 hours from each account! Only English!

  4. Video creation:
    -Reward: 50,000,000 EUL
    -Conditions: Up to 60 seconds long! Must be about how to use Cyber (Video must NOT be related to the bounty campaign!)

  5. Mem creation:
    -Reward: 100,000 EUL
    -Condition: Must be cyber related. Can be gif/pic, etc. Must be posted on Twitter and tag . No limit!

  6. Write an article:
    -Reward: 10,000,000 EUL
    -Condition: Must be cyber related. Must be at least 500 words. Any topic is a fair game if its about anything to do with Cyber. MUST BE ORIGINAL. Copy paste from previous work will not count!


Nice proposal! I think this proposal will help the community expand faster.

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Updated the monitor

Updated the results so far

I think these tasks will help the project become even more popular.

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