I ask you to support Proposal #15

Hello, community!
I ask you to support Proposal #15


The Cyber ​​community was joined by a user under the nickname “Nikita K” t.me/NikitaPirate

As a result of its appearance, a non-constructive atmosphere reigns in the community. The community is forced to spend time and effort clarifying the relationships between the participants. Many Cyber ​​community members are not happy with the presence of user “Nikita K”. We ask you to remove user “Nikita K” from all Cyber ​​communities, as well as delete his other accounts if “Nikita K” changes his account. We also ask you to ignore his participation in bounty companies, and not to pay him remuneration from the community pool, if he participates.

If Community accept this proposal - “Nikita K” will be banned from all communities of Cyber. If Community reject this proposal - several members and validators of Cyber will stop to support Cyber Network.

We need to rotect our community from scam, spam, and people, who destroy our friendship!