Human is a distrebuted structure that made of distrebuted structures

The nature of human is a main problem of Humanity.

So, we need to change our nature. And technology has already changed our nature. Technology hasn’t reached all. But the process is going on.

Everyone that technology has reached has changed their nature. Starting from medicines, bags and glasses, ending with genetic engineering and cyborgization (prosthetics).

A car also changes our nature. By nature, I walk on two legs. With the car I’m using arms and legs as neural interfaces to connect my brain with the car. And now I can move faster, and carry more with me.

Me plus Smartphone - much more effective than just me, and than a smartphone without me. Me and Smartphone - a great combination! The smartphone increases the amount of information stored. With a smartphone, I know all the languages ​​of the world. With a smartphone, I can influence Reality with a better result than without a smartphone. And while I spend less energy!

If only it had not been discharged, or even better, it would have been built into me somehow. So that I do not lose it.

You will say: “It sounds like total control!” I can reassure you: Web 2.0 has already totally controlled you. Our date does not belong to us.

But salvation is coming. Web 3.0 will decentralize everything. Not for ideological reasons, but simply because any centralized structure is less efficient than decentralized. The evolution of social structures will lead to a distributed structure consisting of distributed structures.

It is like a blockchain, where each node is a separate blockchain.

This is a fractal of our brain. Our brain consists of neurons, neurons are connected by a huge number of connections. An enlarged brain fractal is a Brain made up of neurons, where each neuron is a separate brain.

All people are distributed structures consisting of distributed structures.

Our body is made up of 30 trillion cells. All these cells have the same DNA - the same information. But then part of the cells begins to process one part of the information, and the other part of the cells begins to process the other. The result is several distributed structures that are connected to each other in a distributed structure.
And as if our heart and our lungs perform different functions - but none of them is more important. In fact, it makes no sense to separate the heart from the lungs.
The fact that the body consists of organs is simply a convenient systematization of information. It is not clear where one organ begins and another ends. We just agreed to consider that the body consists of organs, based on applied interests.
And after all, every organ - in itself - is a distributed structure!

And don’t forget about the distributed bacteria network! This distributed network is part of the distributed structure of Human.

Human is a distributed structure consisting of distributed structures.

And the only thing we can come to - is to create a distributed structure consisting of distributed structures that consist of distributed structures.
This is Evolution.

There is also Co-evolution.
Artificial Intelligence is a huge neural network, where each link in the network is a separate neural network trained to perform a certain action.
The first neural network processes the text, the second - the sound, the third - the video.
We connect three neural networks into one neural network, voila, we get a neural network from neural networks. It is self-educated and evolving.

We take a distributed structure Human, combine with a neural network consisting of neural networks, voila - Co-evolution in action!
We get a distributed structure consisting of distributed structures that consist of distributed structures.

Humanity together with Artificial Intelligence is one. Like the Human and Bacterias that live on human.
A kind of techno-eco-system in which there is no center, and the existence of each element of a distributed structure in the interests of all other elements.

This is a trend.
You can go against the flow, but you will lose to those who go by the flow.


I agree with you. The scale of distributed systems created by nature amazes the imagination. In addition, these principles extend beyond the borders of our planet. It seems to me that space, too, is therefore built to the principle.


The Blockchain is very natural!

Also, the Blockchain is a really good explanation of “how a time works”. It will be my next article.

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Good! You guys have deep thoughts.


Fell free to share you own ideas too!


Read my new article!

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Images at least by hand are very lacking in some posts.
but perhaps this is not particularly important