Get Cyber to the world

As we wait for Cyber’s mainnet it would be nice to start off a campaign to sensitize the Crypto community and the world as
a whole about what Cyber is and how it would be useful to them. This may be in the form of small videos with dynamic questions
they have to watch and answer the questions to receive some bonus in EULA which would later be converted to Cyber. This would
educate them and at same time provide them with some tokens to play around in the future. Cyber community should also write blogs about what Cyber is and how to use it. There should be simple to understand videos about this great technology.Currently, the Cyber community is made up of Techies which is really limiting. We have to get ordinary people to get involved and we have to explain this technology with simple to understand samples.


Do you have any interesting ideas, how we can bring ideas about Cyber to big circle of people around the world?

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I don’t have any concrete idea yet but I believe that my discussing it we would find a way out. Cyber gave some EULA token to Ethereum addresses which I think would be redeemed to mainnet token. But this information is not out there. We need to get Cyber message out there to the world.