Changes needed to the mess known as

I certainly appreciate the fact that alot of information is required to explain the entire process going on to startup this project. But with that being said, I stumbled onto the existence or this project by accident 5 hours ago and was very interested in the description. I stumbled upon it because I was looking at cosmos governance section and saw the unfortunately rejected proposal to invest in cyber kickoff.

After six hours of researching and reading everything on and I was left with nothing more than a basic understanding of every one of the categories. The only category that I found to likely be fully explained is the validator category. Understanding what a validator is first off is easy even if i didnt already know but the guide for setting up a full node looks great and I assume I will have little to no issue setting one up thanks to the provided documentation. Although you cut your willing participants by a good 95% by providing a guide to setting up a node in linux only. If it works with windows then its a no brainer that you should have a very detailed setup guide for windows. Most crypto users are above average computer users for sure but its a small subset that uses linux.

Minor background, I have been using computers since I was approximately 6 in 1986, on our Tandy 1000 Compatible. I taught myself to program in gwbasic a year later with nothing more then a copy of Yahtzee written in gwbasic and simply dissecting line by line to test what each of the 5000+ lines of code did. I also have a masters in computer engineering. This basic background is just as a pointer that im well above the average user and still was left lost after hours of reading and googling for info.

However I was still excited enough about the project and its potential to want to contribute. So I went to the takeoff section in search of instructions to donate.

The first and obvious issue was the fact that just figuring out how to get the address to send the atoms to was way more than a challenge then it should be. A button at the bottom that says show address is not gonna be obvious to click for alot of users. Not that it matters because once you click it and get the cosmos address to appear your left with no useable information. I tried ever possible method to manually highlight and copy the address and every attempt resulted in the same thing cosmosxxx…xxxxxxx a useless partial address in my clipboard. I tried pressing the copy icon provided on 2 different ipads and a iphone and had the same results on all 3, nothing copied. I pulled out my magic keyboard and tried using a mouse click to click the icon and still nothing.

So if a user can find the address to send to eventually they are left with a partial useless address if they manually copy it, a copy icon that dont work and a qr code that almost no one knows how to use. In the end I downloaded a qr code reader and used it to translate the qr code so i could copy and paste the address into my wallet to send the atoms. Most people wont go thru all of that even if they know how to. Especially since weather the project is even active is something you have to really dig to figure out.

The explanation of how the donation portion works is very messy especially with the overlapping info. From he failed previous donation phase. If and when this takeoff phase starts/started is almost impossible to gauge. The biggest issue with this is probably the timer for when the phase ends saying nand:aNh:aNm.

I highly recommend you completely separate the donation process from everything else. When someone clicks to send atom to the project it should be very straight forward. A webpage that opens up and makes the goal of the user easy to figure out and easy for them to understand how to perform it. Clearly providing the address fully and clearly on the page along with the needed details. At the bottom of the page 1 or 2 links. A link to game of links and possibly a link for even more info regarding the takeoff process that the user can read if they would like but separated from the clean easy to find and understand page that gives the address and instructions.

I wont go into specifics on the rest of the categories unless you request it. I will simply state that after I read everything Im simply left with a moderate understanding of what each category is. But with zero information on how we would go about doing any of them (besides setting up a node). I have no clue what so ever how to even begin to help with relevance, load, etc. my best guess scenario is that what to do would be alot clearer if I installed the node but that is very unlikely. However its the only assumption I can make at this time.


Quick update: so i found
And so far it looks like its the holy grail that contains all the information I wanted to find =) endless words are hyperlinks on and clicking them all is not feasible. Especially since a lot of them are bery vague in the fact that you have no idea what you will get by even going to it but I luckily randomly clicked one and got myself to this lol



First of all thanks for the honest and detailed feedback! Much valued and appreciated. A lot of it is, alas, so. We are currently (and you are the first person to hear about this) thinking of how to re-package and re-shape what we did with Cyber so its a much more straight forward product.

Alas, we are a tiny team, that leaves on donations and processors are slow. This is not so much in defense, as more of a sharing thing.

Personally, i totally agree. The way the info is currently presented is proved as not working. And people lose interest after sometime.

To help you with your questions though (after all a lot of work is done):

  1. How to donate:
  2. Help:
  3. You have found the homestead. Its the main doc, yes

Please DO go into specifics…

Before hand, if you may check the help page, especially the ELI-5 (just scroll across). I’d be gravely grateful


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First of all thank you for detailed feedback!

Cyber is quite challenging technical project due to the fact that nobody except us implemented ranking calculation on chain. This requires GPUs. Due to very limited resources of the project we decided that we will focus on Linux support at current stage of development.

I will address this in the following release

I am requesting it %-)

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Holly shit! Thank you!

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after finding the main help document I really see no point into going into detail about the information provided in each section. Because my personal suggestion would be to do something along the lines of what I said for making donations section straight forward and separate. And for game of links I would suggest linking straight to that github help documentation that explains everything clearly, in good order and has a nice table of contents for new people that just wanna look to see what a certain section is about. Then simply move any of the metrics not currently in the brain from the current game of links UI over to the brain.

Now that I know about the brain and robot menus and have alot of time and knowledge about the whole site it all works fine as is and seems like a intuitive setup. But when I was new it was anything but intuitive lol.

Below is a picture of what I see and what i would suggest. Although you could even leave the whole game of links area as is rather then moving the data into the brain menu but have the main link on in the picture link to github help document and have the play game of links button in the robot menu link to the game of links interface. This way the first thing anyone new will see will be the github help/lessons. By time you read just the first few sections (about 10mins of reading) you learn how the entire site is layed out and works.

Edit: better yet maybe rename it to takeoff(get CYB)


Awesome feedback again IMO. Thanks. Hopefully it will help the dev team to make decisions =)

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